ChatGPT signifies the advent of the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) era. With low barriers to use, unknowable boundaries of capabilities, and unpredictable outcomes, AGI is poised to revolutionize industries on a global scale. The organizations that will thrive are the ones that swiftly embrace an AGI-native approach. This marks the dawn of a new era.

The “iPhone Moment” of AGI: 

According to Goldman Sachs, the AGI market is expected to grow to $150 billion. And the industry is currently experiencing what is known as its “iPhone Moment.” This means that AGI-native organizations are expected to replace pre-AGI companies in all sectors, which will require a complete overhaul of business applications and processes. To achieve this transformation, a new unified AGI computational foundation must be created from scratch, which will be a multi-decade journey for all human organizations.

Transform pre-AGI organizations to AGI-native organizations: 

The ultimate goal is to convert pre-AGI organizations into AGI-native ones that can leverage AGI technology to optimize productivity and efficiency. Unlike being an addition, AGI will become the core business engine, and a completely new scalable AGI interface and AGI Lifecycle Cloud will be used to effect this change. This AGI transformation will require companies to rethink their entire approach to business problems and redesign all of their applications and processes from the ground up through a new unified AGI computational foundation.

The first-mover advantage of fully embracing AGI company-wise: 

The adoption of AGI initially occurred only between individuals, then there was a phenomenon of entire enterprises embracing AGI on a large scale. The later organizations that can use AGI technology to drive productivity and efficiency will have a competitive edge in the marketplace, and those that are slow to adapt may find themselves left behind. In conclusion, the AGI industry is on the cusp of a major transformation, and companies that can successfully navigate this shift will be well-positioned for success.